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I grew up listening to the Everly Brothers. As a child, my dream was to see them play in Kentucky. In 2001, that dream came true. I travelled solo to the USA to watch their last homecoming concert in Muhlenberg County, Kentucky. During that trip, I also immersed myself in the music of Memphis and Nashville.

Photo of Suki & Lisa Snow Angels

In 2003, I became a member of Sugar Hill Records' street team, promoting a number of their Americana and country music artists. It was through doing this that I happened upon Greg Trooper that very same year. He became my music love and hero.

Music has taken me all over the world. From a small Greg Trooper house concert in the suburbs of Chicago to Willie Nelson in Boston, Nickel Creek in San Diego, Jon Dee Graham in Austin, and even to Dublin, Belgium and the Netherlands. Through music, I meet new friends everywhere I go.

Sisters are doing it for themselves:

In 2007, three friends (Lisa, Lucy and myself) flew to see Tom Russell in Finland. We rode the train from the south to the north, taking buses and taxis to each gig. We made snowmen, snow angels and memories. We joined Tom on stage for Muhammad Ali on the last night of that tour. Since then, the three of us have had some great adventures.

We've travelled on a train from Arizona to the magnificent Copper Canyon in Mexico, on board with some great people and musicians: Tom Russell, Terry Allen, Butch Hancock, Dave Alvin, Michael Martin. We soaked up the spirit of Austin with Dale Watson, experienced fine dining and music with Greg Trooper in Houston, and slept on the couches and floors of musician friends in Nashville.

Between us, we've travelled the length and breadth of the UK for music. From deepest darkest Devon, to Scotland, to the wilds of North Wales. Then, one day, the record stopped spinning. The date was 15 January 2017. Greg Trooper had passed away. A hero and a friend. We have created Little Sister Music in his memory, to bring great music to the people of South East Wales. Through his music, and the love of music, his memory will live on. Our wings are spread and ready for flight. Join us on our journey.



I have always been into music. My parents encouraged me to listen to a variety of music from an early age. Some of my fondest childhood memories include dancing around our family home with my brothers and sisters to the likes of Chuck Berry, Michael Jackson and Al Green.

Photo of Suki, Lisa & Lucy

During my school years I could often be found huddled with friends, listening to the latest indie album, or dancing at our local indie dive. During my university days my taste in music became more diverse, including trip hop, folk, and dance culture. I would often attend gigs on my own just to experience new sounds. Music always provided an outlet and a community. It has always amazed me how music can evoke such vivid memories and emotions.

Sisters are doing it for themselves:

I met Suki through our other musical sister, Lucy. They would chat away at pub gatherings, talking about the recent gigs that they had been to, and I would listen with great enthusiasm. We decided to house share together in 2006, and it was in those initial months that they introduced me to Tom Russell. The rest, as they say, is history.

My first Tom Russell gig was in a small venue in Pontypridd, South Wales, in the summer of 2006. From there, Suki and I ended up road tripping across the rest of the UK, Finland, America, Mexico and Italy.

United by our love of singer-songwriters, Americana and proper country music, we ventured out to see a host of other musicians including the late, great Greg Trooper (ask us about the night at the Mucky Duck!), Kevin Montgomery, Tommy Allsup, Butch Hancock, Joe Ely, Terry Allen, Dale Watson, the list goes on…

It is through music that three individuals have come together in friendship to collect memories and meet some of the most generous and creative people imaginable. We have made many new friends through our common love of music. Friends who have offered us a place to stay, picked us up from gigs, listened at all hours to our drunken tales – all in the spirit of good music. We feel it is time we gave something back. If we can give a fraction of what has been given to us, it will be worth it. In the words of my all-time favourite musician: we hope to see you down the road.

In memory of Greg Trooper

January 13, 1956 – January 15, 2017

Greg Trooper

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